Name Meaning: Significant City of the Bronze Age
Impactful; Influential

Troy was a major part of ancient civilization during the Bronze Age and its influence on trade activity and travel between Asia and Europe, allowed it to become one of the most powerful cities of its time.

Considered coveted territory, it was monumental. A cultural center that inspired early literary traditions – becoming the setting for quintessential epics and a popular subject for plays, paintings, pottery and sculpture. Its influence continues in culture today.

What is your impact on those around you?

It’s unavoidable. Our actions affect people.
So… be the way you think others around you should be.


Meaning:    Earth – Worker of the Land; Cultivator; Grower of…

Agriculture is an essential part of our ancestral progress. The development and use of farming contributed to the advancement of early cultures. Indeed, it’s relevant. Yet, when considering the significance of the name George, I want to look beyond the obvious. Not restricting the concept of cultivation to only land work, a Cultivator – prepares, develops, and grows.

America has seen its share of (George-alum) Cultivators. Growers of innovation, consumer goods, social awareness, legislation, creative works, research, sporting tools, machines, teaching methods, and works in electrical power. And like traditional cultivation, their efforts that sprung many years ago continues to benefit society today.


  • Consider your foundation
  • Dedicate the necessary effort
  • Nurture growth
  • Observe and protect
  • Expect results

George Washington Carver, one of the most noted Cultivators, offered this advice: Stop making excuses, because…”Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

Go – Get – It

Art by Patricia Griffin
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Name Meaning:
Bright and High; Enlightened

What drives a man to believe?
…To hold to a vision …To cling to hope
And act with purpose…

The first, most-noted name bearer was a man of courage. During the reign of the New Kingdom – Aaron stood, with his brother, and demanded freedom for those enslaved.

Together they stood in the face of an enemy.
An empire unwilling to release nearly-free labor. Yet, the exodus was achieved.

Aaron was a forerunner to other great heroes. Those who saw beyond the barriers of their circumstances… To achieve what seemed to be unthinkable.

Tell me,
…What drives a man to act on behalf of others?
To stand firm in the face of adversity… And move in compassion…

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Name Meaning: She Sees

News broke… Someone tried to poison the Queen! It was England during the 1500’s. The Elizabethan era.

Queen Elizabeth I was ruler and very influential. When news broke that her physician tried to kill her  there was public uproar. The accused… his heritage and cultural background was attacked. It was a time plagued with intolerance.

William Shakespeare was making his mark and most likely inspired by this mayhem. He was around 30 years old, working on an upcoming play, The Merchant of Venice.  A product of its time – filled with generalizations and cultural scoffing.

But, let’s look at the brilliance of Shakespeare.

When he needed a name for one of his characters, he likely went to one he saw in the Bible. In early editions (1549-1551) the name Iscah was translated to Jesca in English. It is believed, Shakespeare modernized the name… turning Jesca into Jessica.

Its origin references one who sees – and is watchful.

In the play,
Jessica sees…
Love as a saving grace… Not confined by cultural lines.

Look past the partialities of the time,
…Jessica is the antagonist.
Representing change.

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Meaning of the name:

Use of the name Albert increased during the 19th century. And the story behind its popularity is one of inspiration and perseverance. A man’s victory, despite his opposition.

Albert was opposed and rejected. He married a queen who had already inherited the throne. So, many considered him insignificant. His ‘authority’ almost regarded as non-existent.

Imagine… A swarm of naysayers, and that negative energy… It may have seemed easier to crawl in a corner, succumbed to pity and self-doubt. Or, lash out in anger. Perhaps, continue with his vision. He had a choice.

life lesson by Patricia GriffinI’ve been surrounded by complainers and vision-‘killers’, too.
I’ve been tempted to quit.
What I make of my life is my decision…

His decision helped change a nation. Through wisdom and perseverance, Albert motivated the queen to employ more awareness for the country and its people. He helped mitigate conflict and potential wars. His launch, to celebrate technological advancements, brought in a profit equivalent to millions of dollars today. Despite the naysayers, he was significant.

What’s more, his queen leaned on his advice – and adored him. So much so, that from the time of his death (for the rest of her life) she wore black in mourning of his absence.

Monuments were built in honor of his work. People began to realize his impact. His influence still continues today.

The man who inspired so many – inspires me as well. He reminds me of my need to move forward. Regardless of opposition. I must persevere to reach my potential.

It’s a decision really…
● Quit or Continue
● Stop or Go…
life lesson (b) by Patricia Griffin



Determined. Beloved. Rebel. The name Marie dates back to ancient times. It is considered a translation of a name originally derived from the Hebrew culture, as many believe, when Jews were enslaved in Egypt. Parents, angered by their circumstance, chose a name out of passion, determination, and revolt to what was happening. It would be like someone (in modern times) naming their child –Hope, in the midst of a failing economy. Or –Zoe, in spite of a surrounding mindset where life is disregarded. Parents help set the course for their children. And these were ancient ‘Activists’.

While succumbing to brutal conditions, they were often separated. Yet, would meet… the wife would slip away to her husband’s site to nourish and encourage him. Bitterly determined to support each other, they’d speak words of hope. And pray for deliverance. In time, their Exodus came.

Names like Marie personify intense vitality. A richness of fortitude, rooted in bitter-strength. The audacity to believe in change.



Harvest Bound. The first recorded Teresa – began as Therasia. She was a wealthy woman who lived during the time of the late Roman Empire. Married to a distinguished aristocrat, they chose to serve in full-time Christian ministry. And dedicated most of their resources to philanthropy. It is believed they used part of their home as residence to travelers and the underprivileged.

Therasia was a devout servant to the community. Her acts of charity inspired a localized use of the name. Variations like Theresa, Thérèse, and Teresa began to emerge. And as others (reformers, writers, and saints) bearing the same name, became notable – their works influenced a more widespread use.

Mother Teresa was among those inspired. A missionary as a teenager – she spent much of her life aiding others. She was a voice for the underprivileged. Her sacrificial acts left a lasting impression among many across the globe. Reaping thousands of missionaries. Joined to the cause.
Compassion personified.


Hot Commodity. When the ancient Greeks encountered wine, it revolutionized their world. Although, they weren’t the first to create it – they certainly took its use to another level. Banquets were invented as a communal expression of fellowship. It was customary for attendees to gather in their respective circles over food and wine.

Moderation and a level of self-control was expected in the symposia. Thus, wine was often diluted in water. Many believe the Greeks were the first to study and perfect this mixing process. Trade activity expanded throughout the region. The commodity utilized as food, medicine and in water purification. Having great influence in nearly every aspect of society.

Overall, wine was part of their cultural identity. A valued resource. Able to connect people, inspire ingenuity, and create commerce. Enthused by the great impact made to their livelihood and existence – names were created. The origin of Denise, being among these devout-names. A tribute to this life-line.

Denise  personifies
Vitality   and

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