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Determined. Beloved. Rebel. The name Mary dates back to ancient times. It is considered a translation of a name originally derived from the Hebrew culture, as many believe, when Jews were enslaved in Egypt. Parents, angered by their circumstance, chose a name out of passion, determination, and revolt to what was happening. It would be like someone (in modern times) naming their child –Hope, in the midst of a failing economy. Or –Zoe, in spite of a surrounding mindset where life is disregarded. Parents help set the course for their children. And these were ancient ‘Activists’.

While succumbing to brutal conditions, they were often separated. Yet, would meet… the wife would slip away to her husband’s site to nourish and encourage him. Bitterly determined to support each other, they’d speak words of hope. And pray for deliverance. In time, their Exodus came.

Names like Mary personify intense vitality. A richness of fortitude, rooted in bitter-strength. The audacity to believe in change.

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