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Stuffed Animals You Can Personalize

Recently, I came across a story of a little girl whose first gift was a teddy bear. The 6-year-old received this gift as part of an adoption present from her soon-to-be parents and he (the bear named “Teddy”) has been a great companion ever since. Stuffed animals have been among the most popular toys ever

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Life – Faith – Names

Names can spark enthusiasm, motivate and inspire. Here are names… personifying life, resurrection, and faith. Anastasios – resurrection Jonathan – Yahweh has given Isaiah – salvation of God Anastasia – resurrection John – Yahweh is gracious Joel – Yahweh is God Joan – God is gracious Christine – a follower of Jesus Christ Christopher – bearing Christ Michael – who can compare to God? Ezekiel – God strengthens Kristina – a follower of Jesus Christ Gavriel – God is my strength

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