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Meaning:    Earth – Worker of the Land; Cultivator; Grower of…

Agriculture is an essential part of our ancestral progress. The development and use of farming contributed to the advancement of early cultures. Indeed, it’s relevant. Yet, when considering the significance of the name George, I want to look beyond the obvious. Not restricting the concept of cultivation to only land work, a Cultivator – prepares, develops, and grows.

America has seen its share of (George-alum) Cultivators. Growers of innovation, consumer goods, social awareness, legislation, creative works, research, sporting tools, machines, teaching methods, and works in electrical power. And like traditional cultivation, their efforts that sprung many years ago continues to benefit society today.


  • Consider your foundation
  • Dedicate the necessary effort
  • Nurture growth
  • Observe and protect
  • Expect results

George Washington Carver, one of the most noted Cultivators, offered this advice: Stop making excuses, because…”Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

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