How did commodity inspire the name Deniece? Learn more about the meaning of this name.

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Hot Commodity. When the ancient Greeks encountered wine, it revolutionized their world. Although, they weren’t the first to create it – they certainly took its use to another level. Banquets were invented as a communal expression of fellowship. It was customary for attendees to gather in their respective circles over food and wine.

Moderation and a level of self-control was expected in the symposia. Thus, wine was often diluted in water. Many believe the Greeks were the first to study and perfect this mixing process. Trade activity expanded throughout the region. The commodity utilized as food, medicine and in water purification. Having great influence in nearly every aspect of society.

Overall, wine was part of their cultural identity. A valued resource. Able to connect people, inspire ingenuity, and create commerce. Enthused by the great impact made to their livelihood and existence – names were created. The origin of Deniece, being among these devout-names. A tribute to this life-line.

Deniece  personifies
Vitality   and

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