Meaning:  To Burst Forth; Transition; Renewal; Growth

Spring began as a surname before being adopted as a first name. In America, its most popular use was in the 1970s, inspired by the seasonal transition when nature seems to wake with activity. A depiction of youth, life, renewal and growth.

This time of year, I am often inspired to take from nature’s cues. The sound of birds heartens me to seize the moment. The warmth of the sun arouses my need to break from technology. Growth and newness of life reminds me of my own journey, and the progress achieved.

During this time of transition, think of how far you’ve come… Embrace the journey.


Like a butterfly
I was in the shadows…
A dark yet significant place
The journey between the old and new me.
Behold the marks of progress…
My growth before beauty
In this showcase of splendor
I am still growing…

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Name Meaning: Angel
Alternative Words: Beacon; Messenger

I was in a rush. It was early. Foggy out. I was unsure of myself. Thoughts of doubt began. Did I forget somethingHow do I look… My morning wasn’t starting right.

As I began mulling over my hair, a woman walked up to me, and said…
“I don’t know you, but I had to say… Your hair is beautiful.”

Wow! How did she know my troubles?!… I was amazed and relieved at the same time. Her kindness dispelled my worries. And I was filled with gratitude. In that moment, she was like an angel.

Angels have been known to take on a variety of roles:

 Divine Governors

They’re not always understood or easy to explain, but their impact remain. Society is filled with their inspiration… sports, art, music, organizations, including – the establishment of ‘Los Angeles’. No surprise… first names were also inspired. Angela gives simple-tribute to their presence.


Name Meaning:
Bright and High; Enlightened

What drives a man to believe?
…To hold to a vision …To cling to hope
And act with purpose…

The first, most-noted name bearer was a man of courage. During the reign of the New Kingdom – Aaron stood, with his brother, and demanded freedom for those enslaved.

Together they stood in the face of an enemy.
An empire unwilling to release nearly-free labor. Yet, the exodus was achieved.

Aaron was a forerunner to other great heroes. Those who saw beyond the barriers of their circumstances… To achieve what seemed to be unthinkable.

Tell me,
…What drives a man to act on behalf of others?
To stand firm in the face of adversity… And move in compassion…

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Meaning of the name:

Happiness is…
Waking Up.

Even in tough times,
We can open our eyes
Start the new day 

● ● Try Again




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Meaning:  To possess (hold, own, manifest) good

Names like Darius offer great exploration into the human struggle of choosing good.

Years ago, I was loading my truck and a group of guys drove up to ask if I would support their project. The driver handed me a CD and said they were artists. I was open to supporting them. Until, I stopped long enough to look at the CD. There was no label! No title. No cover. Hmm… “Let me hear it first.”

Of course, my request was denied. For them, it was just a clever way to steal.

That almost worked.

As I replay the incident in my mind, I wonder… What if all that energy was redirected – for good.

It seems easy to judge… But we have the same struggle to some degree. Our need to have our way. To impose our wishes on others… Even with friends.

Consider the Consequences

There’s a guy I know who’s great with music. He can break down the chords of a composition without missing a note. And he is one of the few people I turn to when brainstorming ideas.

He needed a change in his life and faced two options… But between the two, there was one I wanted him to choose.

If I chose to impose my will… To pressure him into doing what I wanted… What would’ve happened to our friendship?

More importantly,
Is that really being a friend?

Think Empathy

When we choose to consider others, we’re halfway there. When we’re aware of how our decisions affect those around us – and base our actions on what’s best for those involved, we’re choosing good.

Our motive is the gauge.


Meaning: Victory for the People

Think of a time you needed help. Then someone suddenly somehow steps in. This is the embodiment of Nicholas. Its meaning personifies compassion for others and the first, most-noted name bearer was considered the people’s champion.

Nicholas was born in the 3rd century and lived with his uncle when his parents died from illness. He occupied himself with reading and his passion for scripture, and the Christian faith, led him to work and serve among the people.

He was seen as a wonder-worker and known for his tenacity and generosity.

And stories of his life spread.
Throughout Europe and Anatolia – including Italy, Greece, Russia, Netherlands, and England… People knew Nicholas.

He lived his name. He was his name.
His life and his name were the same.



Name Meaning: She Sees

News broke… Someone tried to poison the Queen! It was England during the 1500’s. The Elizabethan era.

Queen Elizabeth I was ruler and very influential. When news broke that her physician tried to kill her  there was public uproar. The accused… his heritage and cultural background was attacked. It was a time plagued with intolerance.

William Shakespeare was making his mark and most likely inspired by this mayhem. He was around 30 years old, working on an upcoming play, The Merchant of Venice.  A product of its time – filled with generalizations and cultural scoffing.

But, let’s look at the brilliance of Shakespeare.

When he needed a name for one of his characters, he likely went to one he saw in the Bible. In early editions (1549-1551) the name Iscah was translated to Jesca in English. It is believed, Shakespeare modernized the name… turning Jesca into Jessica.

Its origin references one who sees – and is watchful.

In the play,
Jessica sees…
Love as a saving grace… Not confined by cultural lines.

Look past the partialities of the time,
…Jessica is the antagonist.
Representing change.