What drives you?    Let me explain.
Most of us, at some point, reach a place of longing. We long for contentment. A deeper purpose.

What we may not realize… Often, our experiences in life are clues. Like pieces of a purpose-puzzle. If we take the time, we’ll discover how it all fits and can begin an action plan.

Putting the Pieces Together

Once, I wanted to be the strongest woman ever. I worked out regularly. Counted calories. Convinced this was my life’s goal. And it wasn’t long before I began running around protecting people. When I saw a girl being picked on, I came to the rescue. Chasing boys… Too young to realize this is simply what young boys do.

As time went on, my need to defend others began to change. I became more creative. I liked science. Yet still found myself drawn to people. Especially those who seemed discouraged.

I would often look for ways to cheer them up.

Don’t Downplay the Journey

Looking back, my interests might seem sporadic – but each experience fits in a way that helps me be who I am today. One who mixes research with creative concepts to encourage others.

Our journey in life can be filled with clues.
Pause. Reflect… Discover how the pieces fit. Then – go for it!

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Create your action plan


Meaning of the name:
Rose, Beauty, Cherished

Scenario: Boy meets girl…
Over the course of time, a connection occurs. Sparks fly… into a special bond. They’re in love.

On a special occasion… the doorbell rings. In comes a beautiful bouquet of roses, with an alluring fragrance that fills the room. ..The mood is set. ..Their story of ‘happilyeverafter’ lives on.

This is only a glimpse into the relevance of roses. It’s one of those things many in society swoon over. A staple. Historically used as food, medicine, confetti, perfume – as well as – a symbol of devotion and religious piety. After a time, its symbolism evolved to include:

Rosita (c2)Picture by Patricia Griffin.png

A cherished commodity indeed. No wonder names, like Rosita, were inspired. It’s in homage to a societal treasure. A tribute to the versatile beauty of roses.

Rosita (sample wood poster)


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Meaning:  Rock; Steadfast; Resolute

The first, most-prominent man named Peter was written in biblical testament. He was originally known as Simon but, when Jesus Christ chose him, to lead the early church, he was given an identifier – a name, characterized by its strength and stability.

He was drawn to wisdom. Loyal. Outspoken. Sometimes, too hasty. His ideas did not always align with the mission. He made mistakes. Yet, the process brought Peter to humility – and gave him an understanding that could penetrate the minds of multitudes. At his point of resolution, he strengthened the Christian community and extended its message beyond boundaries and ethnicity.

Peter became the very characteristic (the Rock) Jesus Christ had seen. Through this transparency, we are able to witness authenticity at its best. A man’s journey filled with highs and lows. A necessary part of development, leading to the fulfillment of his purpose.

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Meaning:  Noble-man; Honorable; Chivalrous

The first most-noted Patrick was the Saint, whose day is observed around the world. He was kidnapped and sent to Ireland as a slave. And during this time of servitude he became a devout Christian. After six years – he escaped and was reunited with his family.

In the 5th century, Patrick returned to Ireland to serve as a missionary. The area had come out of the Dark Age and towns were mostly rural and dispersed. The political climate, unstable. War over territory was common.

Patrick was among the first saints to bring Christianity to the area. He pursued the countryside. And prepared each day with a prayer that has since become part of hymnal music.


I arise today, through
The strength of heaven…

The light of the sun,
The radiance of the moon,
The splendor of fire,
The speed of lightning,
The swiftness of wind,
The depth of the sea,
The stability of the earth,
The firmness of rock.

I arise today, through
God’s strength to pilot me,

God’s shield to protect me…

St. Patrick’s Prayer (full version)

Other versions of the prayer exist, including the I Bind Unto Myself Today hymn.

Patrick impacted a nation and (eventually) the world. His ministry continued more than two decades and he is considered one of Ireland’s greatest heroes.