April Born

This Month in History

  • Walter Hunt received his patent for the safety pin in 1849.
  • In 1853, Cincinnati became the first in the U.S. to employ a full-time, professional fire department.
  • James Cash Penney began his mark in the retail industry. In 1902, he opened his first store, Golden Rule – before branching out and changing the name to J.C. Penney.
  • In 1922, Annie Oakley shot 100 clay targets in a row (which was considered a record-setting feat). She used her expertise to train other women – as well as, members of the military.
  • Jackie Robinson made his major league baseball debut, playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers, in 1947 – and earning the title, Rookie of the Year. The coveted award was later renamed (Jackie Robinson Award) in his honor.
  • In 1952, Mr. Potato Head made its television debut – being the first toy ever advertised.
  • Harold Washington was elected mayor of Chicago in 1983. His even-handed approach worked to bring reform in a seemingly segregated system.
  • CERN released the World Wide Web in 1993.
  • In 2004, Shrek was found after 6 years on the run!.. Viewers watched as the sheep had his 15-inch, 59lb fleece cut on live broadcast.

Scenic Route

Have you ever considered a cross country escape? One with scenic, panoramic views. Like now. ..when nature comes alive!

april born sun beach

This could be a great time to explore the landscape…
National Parks via rail
Scenic Train experience
Canadian Rockies

Scenic Routes from around the world



Name Meaning: Angel
Alternative Words: Beacon; Messenger

I was in a rush. It was early. Foggy out. I was unsure of myself. Thoughts of doubt began. Did I forget somethingHow do I look… My morning wasn’t starting right.

As I began mulling over my hair, a woman walked up to me, and said…
“I don’t know you, but I had to say… Your hair is beautiful.”

Wow! How did she know my troubles?!… I was amazed and relieved at the same time. Her kindness dispelled my worries. And I was filled with gratitude. In that moment, she was like an angel.

Angels have been known to take on a variety of roles:

 Divine Governors

They’re not always understood or easy to explain, but their impact remain. Society is filled with their inspiration… sports, art, music, organizations, including – the establishment of ‘Los Angeles’. No surprise… first names were also inspired. Angela gives simple-tribute to their presence.


Name Meaning:
Bright and High; Enlightened

What drives a man to believe?
…To hold to a vision …To cling to hope
And act with purpose…

The first, most-noted name bearer was a man of courage. During the reign of the New Kingdom – Aaron stood, with his brother, and demanded freedom for those enslaved.

Together they stood in the face of an enemy.
An empire unwilling to release nearly-free labor. Yet, the exodus was achieved.

Aaron was a forerunner to other great heroes. Those who saw beyond the barriers of their circumstances… To achieve what seemed to be unthinkable.

Tell me,
…What drives a man to act on behalf of others?
To stand firm in the face of adversity… And move in compassion…

Discover More Heroes:

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Names That Fly

It’s me…
Stuck in traffic thinking how nice it would be to fly above it all – like the birds in the sky. Their moves seem effortless.
Going from tree to tree. Back and forth…
As if carefree.

Imagine our predecessors being inspired by these feathered beauties. In trees. On land. Water… even among the clouds.
Let’s celebrate names inspired by birds.

  • Wren – from the short-winged songbird
  • Phoenix – mythological bird
  • Arnold – like an eagle
  • Robin – from the red-breasted bird
  • Raven – from the lustrous black bird
  • Hawk – from the diurnal bird of prey
  • Dove – from the stocky bird, often seen as a symbol of peace
  • Byrd – variant of “bird”
  • Sparrow – from the oscine songbird
  • Lark – from the passerine bird
  • Starling – from the gregarious oscine bird

Choose Joy

Joy is contagious. It fascinates me when I see laughter spread across a room. It only takes one person… then two, three. The whole room begins to erupt. And I’m laughing too. Enjoying the sight of others being happy.

Joy Has Many Fruits

Think of an apple tree planted. The root of joy produce powerful attributes like kindness, gratitude, happiness, laughter… It’s invigorating. Have you ever been around people who left you feeling uplifted and energized. Just talking with them. Hearing their words of encouragement… You feel alive and ready… That’s the power of joy.

Joy Tree final2 by Whats Your Name Blog

Moments of Joy

A life of joy has its benefits. It can reduce stress and sustain our overall well-being.

As I complete this entry Night Moods by Carol Rosenberger is playing. I enjoy many genres and usually listen to music while writing. Suddenly… I hear a sound coming from my window. A bird chirping, as if joining in. I pause… to enjoy the moment.
It’s my moment of joy.

Truth is…
If we look, we can find moments of joy throughout our day. Instances that encourage the good in us.

Be watchful. Choose Joy.

You Animal

When did it happen?
A dad looks out in the wild succumb by his own survival and family activities. Yet, he looks out… and sees something. Stimulating.

It causes him to pause. Thinking of his own lineage, he wants what’s best. A legacy that soars like an eagle, perceives like the bear, rule.. as lions.

Why would animals inspire given names?

Why not…
You Animal by Patricia Griffin_b
● Animal-Inspired Names ●

  • Leo – lion
  • Fulton – bird hill
  • Lowell – wolf
  • Singh – lion
  • Ralph – wolf
  • Drake – dragon
  • Leonard – lion brave
  • Simba – lion
  • Jonah – dove
  • Bernard – bear strong
  • Ari – lion
  • Orson – bear cub
  • Rudolph – wolf
  • Arnold – powerful – like the eagle

Born to be Me
Waterproof Case

Born to be me by Patricia Griffin
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Born to be me

We all have something unique to offer. A special wow. But how can we live out our potential when we’re constantly pulled in different directions… Distracted.

Too often, we allow the opinion of others rule our course – instead of learning and appreciating our unique selves. Discovering that thing that makes us click… and succeed.

Let’s prioritize.

Hey Picture1
We’re good – just being ourselves.



Meaning of the name:
Transition, Harvest Season, Fall

The transition between climates. A time when nature seems to prepare for hibernation. Leaves beautify before withering away. Animals store food in preparation for the coming months ahead. Farmers tend to their crops before the ground goes barren.
It’s harvest time… The season of thanksgiving.

Autumn brings festivities and fellowship… and is often considered the time of increase. The season certainly inspires. For more than a decade, the name Autumn has gained in popularity – being ranked among the top 100 names used for girls in the United States.

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