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Meaning of the name:Transition, Harvest Season, Fall The transition between climates. A time when nature seems to prepare for hibernation. Leaves beautify before withering away. Animals store food in preparation for the coming months ahead. Farmers tend to their crops before the ground goes barren.It’s harvest time… The season of thanksgiving. Autumn brings festivities and

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Life – Faith – Names

Names can spark enthusiasm, motivate and inspire. Here are names… personifying life, resurrection, and faith. Anastasios – resurrection Jonathan – Yahweh has given Isaiah – salvation of God Anastasia – resurrection John – Yahweh is gracious Joel – Yahweh is God Joan – God is gracious Christine – a follower of Jesus Christ Christopher – bearing Christ Michael – who can compare to God? Ezekiel – God strengthens Kristina – a follower of Jesus Christ Gavriel – God is my strength

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