Power Names

Names inspired by power, strength, and bravery.

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Brava – means “brave”

Bernard – bear strong

Baldwin – defined as “bold, brave friend”

Valentine – means “strong, vigorous, enduring”

Valerie – form of Valeria

Valeria – to be strong, great


Matilda – means “strength in battle”

Valencia – defined as “strength, vigor”

Arnold – powerful as the eagle

Kemen – refers to “courage”

Ari – means “brave”


Hartmann – defined as “brave man”

Conrad – means “brave counsel”

Richard – refers to “brave, power”

Brianna – feminine form of Brian

Brian – means “highly regarded, strong”

Lelle – diminutive of Leonard

Lennart – form of Leonard

Leonard – means “lion brave”

Hezekiah – means “Yahweh strengthens”

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