Moment for Dads

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When did it happen?
A dad looks out in the wild succumb by his own survival and family activities. Yet, he looks out… and sees something. Stimulating.

It causes him to pause. Thinking of his own lineage, he wants what’s best. A legacy that soars like an eagle, perceives like the bear, rule.. as lions.

Why would animals inspire given names?

Why not . . .

Cool Video with Music featuring Animal-Inspired Names
Names Inspired by Animals 
  • Leo – lion
  • Fulton – bird hill
  • Lowell – wolf
  • Singh – lion
  • Ralph – wolf
  • Drake – dragon
  • Leonard – lion brave
  • Simba – lion
  • Jonah – dove
  • Bernard – bear strong
  • Ari – lion
  • Orson – bear cub
  • Rudolph – wolf
  • Arnold – powerful – like the eagle

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