Wintry Names

Names inspired by Christmas and the Winter Season.

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Names inspired by Christmas and the Winter Season


Aster – means “star”

Holly – from the holly tree (commonly associated with Christmas and the winter season)

Christian – “a Christian” (believer in Jesus Christ)

Nevada – defined as, “snow capped”

Eirwen – means “white snow”

Tiffany – defined as the manifestation/ “God Appearing”

Natalia – “Christmas Day”

Natalya – variant form of Natalia

Natasha – dimunitive of the name Natalya

Natalie – variant form of the name Natalia

Noël – “Christmas”

Noelle – feminine form of Noël


Christmas Themed Blankets

Vintage Disney Blanket (sweater)

Have a Cozy Christmas Disney Fleece Blanket
It’s time to share the warmth of the holidays with Mickey and Minnie in this vintage cozy Christmas graphic.

Vintage Disney Blanket (front door)

Disney Merry Christmas Fleece Blanket
Delicate and soft… The perfect blanket for outdoor events and cozy winter snuggles.

Hallmark Christmas plaid blanket

Hallmark Christmas Throw Blanket
Traditional Christmas Plaid Pattern from Hallmark. Size:  54″ x 38″.

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