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Harvest Bound. The first recorded Teresa – began as Therasia. She was a wealthy woman who lived during the time of the late Roman Empire. Married to a distinguished aristocrat, they chose to serve in full-time Christian ministry. And dedicated most of their resources to philanthropy. It is believed they used part of their home as residence to travelers and the underprivileged.

Therasia was a devout servant to the community. Her acts of charity inspired a localized use of the name. Variations like Theresa, Thérèse, and Teresa began to emerge. And as others (reformers, writers, and saints) bearing the same name, became notable – their works influenced a more widespread use.

Mother Teresa was among those inspired. A missionary as a teenager – she spent much of her life aiding others. She was a voice for the underprivileged. Her sacrificial acts left a lasting impression among many across the globe. Reaping thousands of missionaries. Joined to the cause.
Compassion personified.

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