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Meaning of the name:
Rose, Beauty, Cherished

Scenario: Boy meets girl…
Over the course of time, a connection occurs. Sparks fly… into a special bond. They’re in love.

On a special occasion… the doorbell rings. In comes a beautiful bouquet of roses, with an alluring fragrance that fills the room. ..The mood is set. ..Their story of ‘happilyeverafter’ lives on.

This is only a glimpse into the relevance of roses. It’s one of those things many in society swoon over. A staple. Historically used as food, medicine, confetti, perfume – as well as – a symbol of devotion and religious piety. After a time, its symbolism evolved to include:

Rosita (c2)Picture by Patricia Griffin.png

A cherished commodity indeed. No wonder names, like Rosa, were inspired. It’s in homage to a societal treasure. A tribute to the versatile beauty of roses.

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