Be inspired! Make plans to find your purpose.

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What drives you?    Let me explain.
Most of us, at some point, reach a place of longing. We long for contentment. A deeper purpose.

What we may not realize… Often, our experiences in life are clues. Like pieces of a purpose-puzzle. If we take the time, we’ll discover how it all fits and can begin an action plan.

Putting the Pieces Together

Once, I wanted to be the strongest woman ever. I worked out regularly. Counted calories. Convinced this was my life’s goal. And it wasn’t long before I began running around protecting people. When I saw a girl being picked on, I came to the rescue. Chasing boys… Too young to realize this is simply what young boys do.

As time went on, my need to defend others began to change. I became more creative. I liked science. Yet still found myself drawn to people. Especially those who seemed discouraged.

I would often look for ways to cheer them up.

Don’t Downplay the Journey

Looking back, my interests might seem sporadic – but each experience fits in a way that helps me be who I am today. One who mixes research with creative concepts to encourage others.

Our journey in life can be filled with clues.
Pause. Reflect… Discover how the pieces fit. Then – go for it!


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