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Name Meaning: She Sees

News broke… Someone tried to poison the Queen! It was England during the 1500’s. The Elizabethan era.

Queen Elizabeth I was ruler and very influential. When news broke that her physician tried to kill her  there was public uproar. The accused… his heritage and cultural background was attacked. It was a time plagued with intolerance.

William Shakespeare was making his mark and most likely inspired by this mayhem. He was around 30 years old, working on an upcoming play, The Merchant of Venice.  A product of its time – filled with generalizations and cultural scoffing.

But, let’s look at the brilliance of Shakespeare.

When he needed a name for one of his characters, he likely went to one he saw in the Bible. In early editions (1549-1551) the name Iscah was translated to Jesca in English. It is believed, Shakespeare modernized the name… turning Jesca into Jessica.

Its origin references one who sees – and is watchful.

In the play,
Jessica sees…
Love as a saving grace… Not confined by cultural lines.

Look past the partialities of the time,
…Jessica is the antagonist.
Representing change.

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