Refined and Well-Mannered. The origin of this name was descriptive of one exuding courtesy.

Courtesy… A term derived from a system of established, acceptable behavior as part of the King’s court. A method of maintained order. Intended for the high class and learned by those wanting to establish themselves in society. Soon, these methods expanded and evolved as a way to keep social stability. The concept of consideration and good manners became a civil priority across much of the world.

Still. Relevant. Behavior can either hold us back or help us succeed. Career moves, merit increases, promotions are all partially dependent upon it. Good actions can help establish meaningful relationships. Change the energy of a room. Become contagious. Even affect health.

The way we choose to behave reveals who we are. Like a window to our inner being. For example, genuine courtesy reveals warmth, unselfishness, and an awareness for others. This is why it’s often admired. It is considered an expression of character. A public, visual declaration of integrity.

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