Use and popularity of the name Albert was inspired by perseverance.

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Meaning of the name:

Use of the name Albert increased during the 19th century. And the story behind its popularity is one of inspiration and perseverance. A man’s victory, despite his opposition.

Albert was opposed and rejected. He married a queen who had already inherited the throne. So, many considered him insignificant. His ‘authority’ almost regarded as non-existent.

Imagine… A swarm of naysayers, and that negative energy… It may have seemed easier to crawl in a corner, succumbed to pity and self-doubt. Or, lash out in anger. Perhaps, continue with his vision. He had a choice.

life lesson by Patricia Griffin

I’ve been surrounded by complainers and vision-‘killers’, too.
I’ve been tempted to quit.
What I make of my life is my decision…

His decision helped change a nation. Through wisdom and perseverance, Albert motivated the queen to employ more awareness for the country and its people. He helped mitigate conflict and potential wars. His launch, to celebrate technological advancements, brought in a profit equivalent to millions of dollars today. Despite the naysayers, he was significant.

What’s more, his queen leaned on his advice – and adored him. So much so, that from the time of his death (for the rest of her life) she wore black in mourning of his absence.

Monuments were built in honor of his work. People began to realize his impact. His influence still continues today.

The man who inspired so many – inspires me as well. He reminds me of my need to move forward. Regardless of opposition. I must persevere to reach my potential.

It’s a decision really…
• Quit or Continue
• Stop or Go…

life lesson (b) by Patricia Griffin

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