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Definition: Lily
Alternative Meaning:
Hard to Ignore, Abundant, Hope

Encouragement is found around us.

For example…
Rain can prompt renewal. The sun is a reminder to shine.
Movement of time inspires our own ability to move and produce. In the case of the lily, it stirs hope.

In their natural habitat, lilies are rigorous – bold beauties. They grow with immensity. In a seemingly vast spread. Fragrant. Numerous. Hard to ignore. These are some of the characteristics observed since ancient times. Recognized to convey and evoke certain societal desires – abundant growth, impressive appearances, and splendor.

The lily is among the most renowned flowers in existence. Adopted in heraldry, modeled in architecture, used in medicine, eaten as food, depicted in art, subject of literature – shared during times of love and loss. Still. Bringing hope.

The name Susan stems from Shushan, the Hebrew reference for lily.

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