Seek Me Find Me

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psalm 27(iii)

It starts with faith.
Even when I struggle to understand the essence of God. He responds.

In my challenge to know Him.
God has a way of revealing Himself while building my faith.

I’ve seen Him respond to prayer. Years ago, I was out with my grandmother when a man suddenly grabbed me by the shoulder. I wasn’t sure what would happen next. But my grandmother (being amazingly calm) began to speak. A short prayer… And there was an immediate change.

The man suddenly turned.
Apologized. Then walked away.

God has caught my attention… I’d be mulling over issues in my mind and strangers would come along and say exactly what I needed to hear. Complete strangers.
The more I learn Him… The more responsive God becomes.
He has a way of revealing Himself.
…In unexpected ways.

I remember when I encountered some pretty persistent bees. I was replacing a tail light and they wouldn’t leave me alone. I said, “Lord, please help.” ..And they seemed to back away. Then one ‘lone-ranger’ started coming at me fast… It got about ten inches from my face. Then, dropped.

…to the ground.

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