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  • Purpose

    What drives you?    Let me explain. Most of us, at some point, reach a place of longing. We long for contentment. A deeper purpose. What we may not realize… Often, our experiences in life are clues. Like pieces of… Read More ›

  • Fascinated

    Don’t ask why… Not too long ago I drove into a right lane and heard loud sounds piercing through my windows. Looking over, there were two Canadian Geese standing near the curb. They didn’t like my truck coming up so… Read More ›

  • You Animal

    When did it happen? A dad looks out in the wild succumb by his own survival and family activities. Yet, he looks out… and sees something. Stimulating. It causes him to pause. Thinking of his own lineage, he wants what’s… Read More ›

  • Born to be me

    We all have something unique to offer. A special wow. But how can we live out our potential when we’re constantly pulled in different directions… Distracted. Too often, we allow the opinion of others rule our course – instead of learning… Read More ›

  • Inspired by Nature

    Nature is full of surprises. There is so much to see and enjoy. It is often where I find my muse and get great inspiration. ● ● Here’s a great time to celebrate names inspired by the wonder and beauty… Read More ›

  • Life – Faith – Names

    Names can spark enthusiasm, motivate and inspire. Here are names… personifying life, resurrection, and faith.     Anastasios – resurrection Jonathan – Yahweh has given Isaiah – salvation of God Anastasia – resurrection John – Yahweh is gracious Joel – Yahweh is God Joan – God is gracious Christine – a follower of Jesus Christ Christopher – bearing… Read More ›