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Meaning of the name:
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Enduring – Resource

For centuries, olive trees (olea europaea) have been considered a cherished commodity. Not only in terms of its tangible benefits but also for its symbolism. Attributes which represent life, longevity, and purity.

Known for its long life-span, some trees stand for up to 2 thousand years (and counting). Its oil was not only used as lamp fuel and skin regiment – but as part of holy preparation. Often mixed with aromatic resin, spices and herbs, to anoint clergy.

The coveted Garden of Gethsemane was an orchard of olive trees. Gethsemane, meaning ‘oil-press’… Methods for producing oil included the use of mills, or treading on the fruit with one’s feet.

Olive wood is often considered an exquisite base for fine decor and kitchen wares. And like laurels – its leaves were used in sports, made into wreaths, to crown the winners. Consumed, they’ve also been known to ease fever, inflammation, and high blood pressure. While the oil and fruit have maintained their popularity, used and eaten a variety of ways.

There’s not much from olive trees that’s not utilized.
All around a smorgasbord of goodness.

The name Olivia personifies one
who is resourceful.

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