Judas Within

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An interpretive study of the first, most-recognized man named Judas (Iscariot) written in biblical testament – and its relevance to the human struggle.

Most know the story of Judas. He was one of the chosen – who walked in the presence of Jesus Christ to learn his mission. As treasurer, he was in charge of the money. As thief, he took from the funds for personal gain. Ultimately willing to do whatever it took for a chance at more profit.

It’s easy to judge Judas but this is our struggle. An allegory of the danger of greed. The subtle grip that starts small, then magnifies. It pervades society in varying degrees and measures, infecting mindsets and beliefs. History can attest to the inhumanity that has flourished from the appetite of opportunity and personal gain. The want that never wants to end.

What of ambition… The basic idea of wanting more in life is motivating. It drives us to reach our potential. Yet discipline is also key.

We must set parameters to differentiate ambition from greed.

Ambition is the drive that ignites progress. We discover our purpose, set goals and are determined to work hard to achieve them. We fail. Learn from our mistakes. Regroup. Gain momentum and (in time) reach success. The process increases our gratitude. And when we see others willing to work just as hard, we are inclined to help.

Greed is ambition-abused. It is the intense craving to get what we want. Our self-justification makes it right – even in the most obvious acts of imprudence. We want more satisfaction. And continue our push. Ultimately, discontentment leads to recklessness.

How do we determine our state?
•  When we don’t consider how the outcome will affect others…
•  When we don’t care what it takes to get what we want…

If the advantages are one-sided…
We are headed in the wrong direction and the struggle continues.

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