January Born

Let’s Celebrate…


Let’s Celebrate…

This Month in History

Eyes on the Skies

Our world is filled with wonder. This month brings shooting stars. Plus! A spectacular moon event where a full moon, supermoon and lunar eclipse occur on the same night.

Here’s an Idea…

Since our overall wellness improves when we focus on good things – let’s begin by taking a proactive approach to our daily routine.

Go, grab an empty jar.

Each time something good happens, write it down and place it in the jar.

Keep going… from this day on. Watch, as it piles up.
…This is our Jar of ‘Goodness’.

My first entry –
I Woke …(able to begin again).
I Woke_whatsyournameblog.com
Now, it’s your turn…
Write your good news.

There’s always a reason to celebrate.

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