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Can’t breathe.
Have you ever felt that way?
When troubles seem to overwhelm you… There’s nowhere to go. You feel trapped. Helpless.

You can hardly eat.
Can’t sleep.

And you wonder…
when will this end-3d
…Not a fun state to be in… So, let’s look at the scenario again.

This time…
When troubles come… You’re able to rest and think clearly. There’s this inner-drive to remain calm. You just know it will all work in your favor.

The second scenario is the embodiment of Irene… Introduced as part of the Christian way. Different from the ordinary. An all-encompassing state… Perfect calm. Provision. And overall health.

During 1st century AD, the original scriptures of the New Testament were written in the Greek language. Over 80 times, the Greek word for ‘peace’ is found and, as people began to hear and believe, they were drawn to the message.

And as Christianity spread, so did the use of the name.

The name Irene comes from the Greek, meaning ‘peace.’

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