Happy December Birthday

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This Month in History

  • Electric Christmas lights were first used in 1882. Before this, trees were lighted with candles.
  • The Wright Brothers achieved their first powered flight in 1903.
  • U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt became the first American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906.
  • An incredible moment of peace occurred in 1914. During WWI, opposing troops paused from war to sing Christmas hymns!.. This phenomenon is known as the Christmas Truce.
  • Segregated buses were deemed unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme court in 1956 thanks to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
  • In 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas premiered. The classic remains the second longest-running Christmas special in America.
  • Apollo 8 became a most memorable mission – as it was the first time Earth was seen from the moon’s perspective. In 1968, during their live broadcast astronauts read from the Book of Genesis.

World Wonder

Long before the space program, details of the universe (gravity, moon, stars) were disclosed in Biblical Testament. Including, the natural phenomenon that captured the eyes of ancient intellectuals.

A new star. So majestic… A group of Magi traveled into rival territory (King Herod’s domain) to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

A celebration lasting centuries.

Some Might Say

A birthday in December gets lost in the season. It’s not as special.

..Is this you?..  Know this,
Your day is unlike any other.

A momentous occasion… When
Your life.. and legacy began.

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