Follow Your Instincts

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Does God speak?

It’s true. God wants relationship so communication is important. And He will choose a variety of ways to communicate.
…He surprises.

God has engaged over half my senses to communicate.
…He is direct (similar to a thought). He speaks through words on a page (Scripture). God will use people and nature… Even my own instincts.

Yes. I remember a pivotal time when those ‘gut feelings’ probably saved my life.

It was during my college years. I applied to a design position and was asked to come for an interview. It was my first trip to New York and I didn’t know Broadway from 8th Avenue. There were people everywhere. Streets busy… and loud.

And I was lost.

I suddenly found myself alone… walking down a side street. It seemed like a nice break from all the noise. And as I continued down the block, I saw a really nice Rolls Royce parked by the curb… A driver dressed in uniform got out and walked over to the passenger side. I thought he was waiting for someone. But he looked at me and asked if I wanted to go for a ride.

It was unexpected.

But my curiosity quickly turned. I became tense… felt uneasy. Something didn’t feel right… I kept walking and replied, “No thanks.” Then he kept going… “Are you sure”… “You don’t know what you’re missing”…

I walked even faster.
And soon found myself back among the noise. ..and lots of people.

I’ve heard stories over the years…
Women lost. Trapped in human trafficking and prostitution. Some sound familiar… An invite. The illusion of fun.

I hear the stories.
And when I do, I think of the day… I could’ve been another story.

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