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find rest (iv)

During the most difficult time of my life I experienced the power of rest. I had a season of disappointments. One let-down after another. In and out of depression. And when it seemed there was no end in sight, I hit a low point.

It was like going down a dark hole. I was consumed with hopelessness. Filled with panic. Then, a friend called.

At the right moment.
A friend called to check on me.
…And we prayed.

It was a “suddenly” moment. The darkness went away and I was engulfed with peace. For the first time (in a long time) I was able to sleep. ..And after a few days, of quiet, I was given a challenge.

Before this time,
I trusted my own efforts more than God. My prayers came from entitlement and what I did to deserve whatever it was I was asking for. But He had another way. ..And this was the challenge.
To rest.

To stop trying to earn my way to victory. To do what God was leading me to do. Nothing more.

And, it was harder than I thought.

I had no idea how much I liked control until I tried to release it. But I soon built my faith to trust in God and His ability. ..And as my faith grew, I discovered how easy things became.

What took hours (for me) to complete was now done in half the time. It was liberating.

I could hardly believe what I’d been missing.

Wow. I thought…
“Can it be this easy…?”

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