Discover the history and meaning of the name Ethan.

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Meaning of the name:
Enduring… Strength

First recordings of Ethan are in biblical testament. Renowned for his wisdom. He was a musician and author of Psalm 89.

At the time of the psalm, the Babylonian empire was gaining strength, with rising supremacy in parts of Mesopotamia. Nebuchadnezzar II was like ‘The Godfather‘ of ancient civilization, revitalizing Babylonia while demanding loyalty from others. It was unsettling. Many were exiled from their native land. Ethan was devastated.

Hurt. He embarks on a lyrical journey. A way to sort through his feelings while strengthening his faith. Psalm 89 is a vivid depiction of finding hope in a difficult situation. And we are able to share in this quintessential human experience.

Ethan chose to cling to his faith. And ultimately became his name, an enduring… strength.

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