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Meaning of the name:
Enduring, Leader, Useful, Appealing

My name is Ericka“… was the phrase of the day. While a group of women were conversing, one of them confused another with someone else. Calling her someone else’s name. And as I heard her response I thought, Hmm…  Imagine me, hearing my next inspiration.

So what about Ericka?
Turns out, it’s a double-dose derivation. A name with dual origins.

Ericka has royal roots. It is the female variation of Eric, which essentially means unending ruler. Among the first noted leaders was the King of Denmark – Eric I, or Erik the Good, who ruled from the 11th-12th century. He was believed to be an extrovert. A strong, hardy man who was good with people. Outspoken. Charismatic.

There have been at least 15 Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian leaders with the same given name. Its general use became common then spread to other countries as people migrated. And in time, use of its female variation began.

But its botanical roots also contributed to the use of the name.

Like Rosita and Daisy – Ericka is a flower name. A popular perennial from a beloved family of evergreens. Known for its aesthetic appeal… Often planted (strategically) for its lasting blooms… As an ornamental. In bouquets… Even used in herbal medicine. The floral tips are consumed in tea or put in bath water to help with inflammation.


The name Ericka personifies an appealing usefulness.
One with leader-potential.

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