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To possess (hold, own, manifest) good

| Names like Darío offer great exploration into the human struggle of choosing good.

Years ago, I was loading my truck and a group of guys drove up to ask if I would support their project. The driver handed me a CD and said they were artists. I was open to supporting them. Until, I stopped long enough to look at the CD. There was no label! No title. No cover. Hmm… “Let me hear it first.”

Of course, my request was denied. For them, it was just a clever way to steal.

That almost worked.

As I replay the incident in my mind, I wonder… What if all that energy was redirected – for good.

It seems easy to judge… But we have the same struggle to some degree. Our need to have our way. To impose our wishes on others… Even with friends.

Consider the Consequences

There’s a guy I know who’s great with music. He can break down the chords of a composition without missing a note. And he is one of the few people I turn to when brainstorming ideas.

He needed a change in his life and faced two options… But between the two, there was one I wanted him to choose.

If I chose to impose my will… To pressure him into doing what I wanted… What would’ve happened to our friendship?

More importantly,
Is that really being a friend?

Think Empathy

When we choose to consider others, we’re halfway there. When we’re aware of how our decisions affect those around us – and base our actions on what’s best for those involved, we’re choosing good.

Our motive is the gauge.

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