Celebrating March Birthdays

Enjoy your special day!

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This Month in History

  • In 1762, the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held. In tribute to the man – who was kidnapped and taken to Ireland. He became a slave but eventually escaped. Yet, remarkably returned to the country to serve in ministry.
  • Yellowstone, the first national park, was established in 1872.
  • Communication received a major upgrade with the patent of the telephone. Achieved by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.
  • In 1877, U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes appointed Frederick Douglass as U.S. Marshal.
  • In 1903, the Wright Brothers filed a patent for their flying machine.
  • Cherry Blossoms were sent to Washington, D.C. as a gift from Japan. The trees were first planted in 1912. Today, they remain a major tourist attraction.
  • In 1931, the Star Spangled Banner became the official national anthem of the United States.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. led demonstrators from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama – paving the way for the Right to Vote Act of 1965.

Ways to Celebrate

Make this year special. Here are great ideas for your birthday celebration.

▕ Volunteer Your Time 
Is there a better way to celebrate life? Head to the nearest senior center… Arrange a karaoke night and be dubbed ‘hero‘ of the month.

▕ Plan a Hunt 
Celebrate with your spouse by planning an intimate treasure hunt with clues around a theme of ‘favorites‘… Your favorite chair… Your favorite spice. ..with the final clue leading to your favorite restaurant.

treasure hunt

▕ Choose a Good Theme 
Plan a party around your birth year, favorite book, or superhero.

▕ Embrace Nature 
This is the month of Spring… Enjoy the changing climate. Try camping or trail hikes.

▕ Rest
It’s a struggle when we’re always on-the-go but definitely worth the effort. Be still. ..and rest awhile.

▕ Send Thanks 
Is there a teacher, pastor, or relative who’s helped you be the best you can be? Why not send them a note of thanks.

▕ Try Something New 
Here’s an opportunity to explore, learn, and do what you’ve always wanted. What’s on your bucket list?

▕ Celebrate the Entire Month 
Your life matters!


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