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Meaning:    Yahweh sets free; God will deliver; rescue

The first, most well-known Joshua was written in biblical testament. He along with 11 other men, went into unknown territory, to scope out land and bring a report back to their people.

Most of the men did not want to proceed into the new territory. But Joshua believed in God’s ability. Regardless of what others were saying or what life brought his way – he chose to be faithful. He had to wait but when the time came, he not only occupied new ground, he became LEADER.

Distractions do not mean the end to our dreams. Each obstacle gives us the opportunity to grow and move closer to our goal.

Buried Dreams by Patricia Griffin-(b)

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Meaning of the name:
Vigor, Dorian, Spirited

The Ancient Greeks are believed to be the first to understand the relational complexity of math and music (hence, music theory). The amphitheaters they built were so extra-ordinary, the last row could hear everything on stage. No amplifiers needed.

In addition to their development of acoustics, Greeks felt music had the power to influence, and even change, one’s emotions and behavior. So, to provoke a mood – they created and designated modes of music.

Specific names were given to the modes they created and were derived from people groups of the time. Some believe the effect represented by each mode was an actual reflection of tribal characteristics.

One of the main people groups of Ancient Greece were the Dorians. And the Dorian mode was created. Interestingly, Greek philosophy suggested soldiers hear music in the Dorian mode before going to battle. In my mind, and if keeping with this viewpoint, the Dorians were spirited-vigorous people.

The Dorian mode has evolved since then. Yet, even in its evolution, music still effects mood. Songs using the Dorian mode (or scale) within their music arrangement include:

  • Billie Jean, Michael Jackson
  • Oye Como Va, Santana
  • Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles
  • Maiden Voyage, Herbie Hancock
  • Impressions, John Coltrane
  • Wicked Game, Chris Isaac
  • Uptown Funk, Bruno Mars
  • So What, Miles Davis

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America (Pt. 2)

Meaning:  Power; Ruler

America was named after the Italian merchant, Amerigo Vespucci, who traveled with Christopher Columbus. It was during their excursion to India, when they got lost, and discovered the new world.

As its reputation grew, the progress of America came but at a great cost. Increased colonization brought with it – inconceivable acts of injustice:

If it wasn’t for me
Where would America be? Cries the souls of many …
This land of opportunity
Was because of my misery … Cries
The souls of many

Slaves were the backbone of early American economy. Yet they could not enjoy the fruit of their labor. They endured brutal, inhumane conditions. This is another one of the ugly truths of American history. But history gives all of us the opportunity to learn and grow from the past. Not being stuck in the pain of the past, but (rather) using it as a launch pad to greater things.

The future greatness of our nation depends on the unity of all people.


Meaning:      Lady; Respected

Ladies rule. Her mystery is where she reigns. Within this mystery, there is a certain confidence that makes a man pause. Any female can get attention. A lady keeps it.

LaDonna, or lady, is a modern variation of the name Donna. Its origin derives from the idea of one receiving and expecting to receive, courtesy and respect. But this esteem starts from within:


Happiness comes with the ability to accept, and respect, ourselves. Once this is achieved, others will follow our lead. Be a lady. Click.

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LaDonna by Patricia Griffin


Meaning:    Oath of God; Consecrated; God’s Abundance; Prolific

It was exciting to read the news of Libby Lane. She became the first female bishop of the Anglican community, in Stockport, Greater Manchester, England. Her many years of service will now be expanded as she becomes a trailblazer.

An original Libby – Elizabeth of biblical testament was also part of historic change. In a most mature stage of her life, she gave birth to one of the most prolific forerunners of Christianity – John, who led the early baptisms. What an inspiration to all named Libby.

Dear Libby,

Go Greater! …Go… Go… Go.



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Meaning:       Helmet; Protected; Safety; Peace

Selma was a name used by James MacPherson, for a castle, in his 18th century poetry. It had a profound effect on many during a time of revolution and is believed to have inspired the name of the Alabama town. This area named Selma, having a tremendous impact on a nation.

Early America was a time of progress and pain. While some came for hopes of opportunity – many were forced into brutal labor and inhumane conditions. When cotton fueled the American economy, it seemed nearly hopeless for the many being oppressed. The nation became the leading cotton exporter. Its value influenced federal regulation. Some estimate, by the year 1860, cotton production generated $2,000,000 annually – which would equate to over $55,000,000 in 2015.

Approximately 4,000,000 slaves became the backbone of early American economy.

By the 1960s, segregation remained a prominent force in society. Years of injustice fueled a catalyst for change. Conditions of the South gained national attention and could no longer be ignored. Outrage erupted across the country. Supporters held demonstrations within their own cities while others went to Selma to join the activists there.

Six hundred marchers gathered to begin the journey but was violently stopped by law enforcement. Two days later, a second attempt was made, but was turned around, as demonstration leaders decided to wait for possible federal protection. Once the ordinance was granted, the Selma march to Montgomery took five days. And what started at 600 demonstrators – grew to 25,000 strong.

Selma was the catalyst for change – resulting in the passing of the Right to Vote Act of 1965. Martin Luther King, Jr. described Selma as, “a shining moment in the conscience of man.”

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