Name Art Tammy


The name Tammy comes from the Hebrew reference for the palm tree  – particularly the date palm.

Date palms were cherished for their sweet fruit and (shade) protection from the sun. They were seen as impressive. Stately beauties.
Able to flourish even in the heat of the day.

The artwork featured is a stylized expression of the meaning of the name. A stately form surrounded by leaves of the palm tree.
Artwork: Tammy


I have seen various spellings of the name. Below features the “Tammi” variant – but there are others, including: Tammie – Tami – Tamia. Each equally impressive. All stemming from the same source.
Personalized Throw Blanket

The Inspiration

Tammy is a name synonymous to the palm tree.  ..and palm trees are impressive.

Inspirational Palm (Tammy) wood wall art

When storms come they’re able to bend and adjust to conditions.

Other trees may snap and break but the palm tree can better withstand difficult seasons.

Names like Tammy remind me to persevere.








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