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Let’s connect the history of the name Frank with the use of the word.

During Roman reign, a group of Germanic tribes – known as the Franks – began to establish themselves. They were a formidable bunch known for throwing axes.

In battle, they’d fling franciscas… Iron-topped axes… With such momentum…
On cue, shields shattered. Death occurred. Even when the blade missed – the weight of the axe would bounce and deflect causing injury.

They were described as feroces.
Fierce. Bold. Ferocious.

As they expanded their territory, taxes were levied on their subjects. While the Franks were free from paying taxes. This likely led to the Franks being referenced as free.
By the 8th century, much of Western Europe was under their domain. In fact, France was named in their tribute.

In time, the English word “frank” evolved.
A word marked by a freedom of expression – feeling – candor.

See the connection?

The name Frank
At its core… Has no timidity.

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