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Imagine walking into a room with blank walls…
How would you fill them? The artworks shown are adventurous – some whimsical. And make great conversation pieces. Many reflect the inspiration found while writing (and researching) topics for this site. ..feel free to browse.

  • Name Art: Helen

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Name Art Helen by Patricia Griffin
1. Name Art: Helen
Inspired by the meaning of the name Helen. Acrylic print shown.

Art Options:

A whimsical keepsake featuring the meaning of Helen.   ➧See More

Name Art Tammy by Patricia Griffin
2. Name Art: Tammy
Framed Art Prints from $134
Art inspired by the meaning of the name Tammy.
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Mounting hooks and nails included.

Name Art Denise by Patricia Griffin
3. Name Art: Denise
Inspired by the blog entry: Denise.

Art Options:

Own art with meaning.   ➧See More Views

Name Art Susan by Patricia Griffin
4. Name Art: Susan
Inspired by the blog entry: Susan.

Art Options:

Own a keepsake on the name Susan.
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Name Art LaDonna by Patricia Griffin
5. Name Art: LaDonna
Inspired by the blog entry: LaDonna.

Choose from over 200 frames. All framed prints are assembled and shipped by expert framers. Plus! Arrives “ready to hang” with mounting hooks and nails.

Name Art Erica by Patricia Griffin
6. Name Art: Erica
Art inspired by the meaning of the name Erica.

Options Available:

Name Art Ann by Patricia Griffin
7. Name Art: Ann
Framed Art Prints from $134

The name Ann derives from a (real-life) woman of grace and fervency. She kept active well into her eighties… Defying the negative connotations of age.

Abstract Art: Excavator by Patricia Griffin
8. Abstract Art: Excavator
Wood Art Prints from $56
Experience the texture and added depth of a wood print.
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Features thick (3/4 inch) maple wood. Mounting hooks and nails included.

Abstract Art: Madeline by Patricia Griffin
9. Abstract Art: Madeline
Unique abstract style. Make this feline part of your space.

Art Options:

Contemporary Art: Roar by Patricia Griffin
10. Contemporary Art: Roar

Options Available:

Contemporary Art: Hey 2 by Patricia Griffin
11. Contemporary Art: Hey 2
Produced on acid-free paper using archival inks to ensure it keeps its color.
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Contemporary Art: Pause by Patricia Griffin
12. Contemporary Art: Pause
Framed Prints from $134
Earthy and serene colors feature a female form in a tree.

This piece reminds us all to .. “catch our breath.”  ➧See Close-Up

Inspirational Art: Journey by Patricia Griffin
13. Inspirational Art: Journey 
Inspired by the name and meaning of Spring.

Options available:

Own poetic art.   ➧See Close-Up

Inspirational Art: Choose Joy by Patricia Griffin
14. Inspirational Art: Choose Joy
Inspired by the blog entry: Choose Joy.

Several wraps available: black sides; mirrored sides; white sides. Arrives ready to hang.

Art Options:

Surround your space with inspiration.   ➧Shop Now

Inspirational Art: Live Life by Patricia Griffin
15. Inspirational Art: Live Life
Inspired by blog entry: Met a Girl Named Miracle.

Acrylic print shown.
This item features 1/4″ thick clear acrylic. Two mounting options available: hanging wire and aluminum mounting hooks.

Art Options:

What a great inspiration for your wall!  ➧Learn More

Inspiration Art: Prize by Patricia Griffin
16. Inspirational Art: Prize
Framed prints from $123
A bold, contemporary vibe with a message.
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Inspirational Art: Live in the Wow by Patricia Griffin
17. Inspirational Art: Live in the Wow
Wood Art Prints from $53
Inspired by the blog entry: Margaret.
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Inspirational Art: Dream Again by Patricia Griffin
18. Inspirational Art: Dream Again 
Acrylic Art Prints from $108

Features high gloss 1/4 inch acrylic. 2 mounting options: hanging wire or aluminum mounting posts.
Bring a contemporary message of hope to your space.

Inspirational Art: Fearless by Patricia Griffin
19. Inspirational Art: Fearless
Canvas Art Prints from $107
Surround your space with inspiration.
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Art by Patricia Griffin
20. Abstract Pattern: Game Plan
Framed Art Prints from $81

Discover the allure of abstract patterns! This piece was inspired by my work on the name Bernard.

Abstract Pattern: Uncommon by Patricia Griffin
21. Abstract Pattern: Uncommon 

Options available:

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Abstract Pattern: Valor 02 by Patricia Griffin
22. Abstract Pattern: Valor 02
Framed Art Prints from $107
A favorite. Abstract patterns in neutral earth tones.

Abstract Pattern: Rhapsody by Patricia Griffin
23. Abstract Pattern: Rhapsody
Framed Art Prints from $98
Have you ever tried an abstract pattern?

  • Ships within 3 business days
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Try something new.  ➧See More Views

Abstract Pattern: Valor by Patricia Griffin
24. Abstract Pattern: Valor
Framed Art Prints from $93
A strong yet neutral pattern inspired by bravery.

Unique Monograms: Monogram D by Patricia Griffin
25. Unique Art Monograms: Monogram D
Art Prints from $31

Art by Patricia Griffin
26. Nature Art: Escape
Inspired by the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico.

Options Available:

Art by Patricia Griffin
27. Modern Art: Self-Reflection
Framed Art Prints from $103

Art by Patricia Griffin
28. Modern Art: Mother and Child
Framed Art Prints from $103
Inspired by blog entry: Helena

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