Meaning: Victory for the People

Think of a time you needed help. Then someone suddenly somehow steps in. This is the embodiment of Nicholas. Its meaning personifies compassion for others and the first, most-noted name bearer was considered the people’s champion.

Nicholas was born in the 3rd century and lived with his uncle when his parents died from illness. He occupied himself with reading and his passion for scripture, and the Christian faith, led him to work and serve among the people.

He was seen as a wonder-worker and known for his tenacity and generosity.

And stories of his life spread.
Throughout Europe and Anatolia – including Italy, Greece, Russia, Netherlands, and England… People knew Nicholas.

He lived his name. He was his name.
His life and his name were the same.


December Born

Our birth is a beautiful beginning and every year that follows is a gift. No matter where we are in our journey. There’s a purpose waiting to be discovered. ..Enjoy every moment

This Month in History 

World Wonder

Long before the space program, details of the universe (gravity, moon, stars) were disclosed in Biblical Testament. Including, the natural phenomenon that captured the eyes of ancient intellectuals.

A new star. So majestic… A group of Magi traveled into rival territory (King Herod’s domain) to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

A celebration lasting centuries.

Some Might Say

A birthday in December gets lost in the season. It’s not as special.

..Is this you?..  Know this,
Your day is unlike any other.

A momentous occasion… When
Your life.. and legacy began.

●  ●