Names That Fly

It’s me…
Stuck in traffic thinking how nice it would be to fly above it all – like the birds in the sky. Their moves seem effortless.
Going from tree to tree. Back and forth…
As if carefree.

Imagine our predecessors being inspired by these feathered beauties. In trees. On land. Water… even among the clouds.
Let’s celebrate names inspired by birds.

Wren – from the short-winged songbird

Phoenix – mythological bird

Arnold – like an eagle

Robin – from the red-breasted bird

Raven – from the lustrous black bird

Hawk – from the diurnal bird of prey

Dove – from the stocky bird, often seen as a symbol of peace

Byrd – variant of “bird”

Sparrow – from the oscine songbird

Lark – from the passerine bird

Starling – from the gregarious oscine bird

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