Some names come from common phrases. This was the case for Nancy.

Meaning of the name:
Pure, Chaste, Loving

Some names come from common phrases. This was the case for Nancy.

Origins of the name dates back to the Roman Empire. A time when Roman rule sought to crush the Christian movement. During the 4th century, a young woman (some believe as young as twelve) was publicly persecuted because of her piety.

Yet what was intended to scare people away, actually helped to strengthen the Christian community. Her courage sparked awe and stories of her bravery spread. Later, when Constantine converted to Christianity, and became Emperor, a basilica was built by her grave.

And use of her name (Agnes) grew. Eventually variating to other names like Inez and Annis. Terms of endearment, mine/thine Annis, sparked new inspiration…

life lesson_Nancy Picture1 by Patricia Griffin

Nancy… inspired by the courageous innocence of a young woman, came from ‘loving’ words. And stands among the top 100 names used in the United States, England and Wales.


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