Met a Girl named Miracle

Standing in line for a spinach salad, I saw an unusual name tag. In delight I asked, “Is that your name?!’…

Her name was Miracle.

I immediately went on a mental escapade, thinking of the story behind her name. Her parents… The struggle… The joy… What a story!

It challenged me to reflect on my own experience. Many times I got lost. Turning other people’s problems into my own. I thought of the times I fell into deep depression without even realizing it. My whole body ached. That was my reality – when I let others influence my opinion of myself. I had to learn to let go and live out my potential.

What’s in a miracle…
It is a derivation of three origins: Hebrew –oth; Greek –thaumasion; and Latin –miraculum. A collective expression, referring to something that brings wonder, amazement and surprise.

Life in itself is a miracle. Beginning each day with hope, full of energy… able to seize the moment, is reason enough to rejoice.

Be Encouraged.
Your Life is Worth Living.

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