Great. Defender of Faith. The first most noted name-bearer was an author. The Gospel According to Mark was written in response to those empowered by the preaching of Peter. Now, being members of the Christian community, they wanted what they heard in tangible (written) form. The result… A vivid, holistic depiction of the life of Jesus Christ.


Mark covers it all – with realism. Indeed. The underlining purpose of Christ’s ministry was not always understood. Even among the leaders… Peter was no exception. Throughout the text, Mark preserves the heart of the ministry while not hiding from its complexity. Yet, once the purpose was fully revealed (and realized), the disciples continue the work of building the Christian community.

It was work well-received. The Gospel According to Mark was shared at numerous assemblies and continues to impact today… included in one of the most read books in existence.


Meaning of the name:
To Sing–Chant–Celebrate in Song

Singing – A vocal rhythmic sound as old as civilization. Its beginning was like sounds from nature. Simulated patterns similar to wildlife. Later, evolving into a more developed form of communication. Establishing camaraderie. Strengthening relationships. Often, instilling hope. It is one of those natural remedies essential to our well-being.

It brings many benefits. Singing rejuvenates the mind and spirit, relieves stress, activates those feel-good hormones. Even, helps to strengthen the upper body. Fascinating how something so instinctive.. is so beneficial. I can think of many times when singing became my her ● ● 

Chante (sample wood poster)


Keep this inspiration! Receive a natural wood poster on the significance of the name Chante.

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