Becoming Boaz

At some point, every man becomes a Boaz. When he discovers someone special. Certain qualities shine (even without him realizing it).

Lived in Bethlehem. He noticed a woman on his land gathering food. Mosaic law commanded landowners to care for those in need, but this one was special. He was curious and sought to learn more about her.

He gave her access to the sheaves and allowed her to glean as much food as she could carry. Out of concern for her safety, she was able to come and work among the women employees. A great relief for a stranger in foreign land.

Boaz spoke with kindness. His approach was tender and respectful. As the relationship progressed – he moved quickly to ensure their marriage. Great joy ensued. And their story became one of the most endearing of biblical testament.

A Boaz  ● 

He observes and wants to learn about the woman he’s interested in.

A builder of hope. Authentic –Yet – Positive.

His motives are always thoughtful.

Does what needs to be done. Sensibly. Aptly. Quickly.

When a man becomes a Boaz … watch out worldThese are the attributes worth waiting for.


Heroic. Challenger. Names like Larry, Laurence, and Lawrence are synonymous in derivation. Stemming from the Laurus nobilis: a robust, hardy tree. Its leaves made into wreaths and used to symbolize triumph over circumstance.

The first, most-noted name bearer was a prolific Deacon. A servant of charity. Responsible for the wealth of the church and its distribution. Known for his wisdom.

At a pivotal point in the Deacon’s ministry, Roman authorities sought to oppress the church and increase their own treasury. A demand was made to hand over all goods belonging to the church. He convinced them to wait 3–days.

Rather than gathering the wealth for the Roman empire, goods were given to those in need. After 3–days, he came before the Imperial court and stood in bold defiance. DeclaringThe poor and deprived… were the greatest treasures.

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Powerful. Like the Eagle. Impeccable vision. Able to dive as fast as 100 mph. The eagle is one of the most revered birds in existence. Competitive. Hunters. Some of the larger birds feed off mammals as large as deer – while the smaller ones enjoy insects and fruit.

Considered ruler of the skies. Since ancient times, their image has been an intricate part of culture, symbolizing – strength, leadership, freedom, peace, longevity, and honor.

The soar of an eagle
Eyes of intensity
Their prevailing survival skills
… Are marks of inspiration …

Many nations have adopted the eagle as part of their standard. Names like Arnold were also inspired by their attributes. Its implication descriptive of one with purpose and vision – embodying strength, and tenacity.

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