Lion Brave. Throughout history lions have become part of human culture – symbolizing strength, bravery and prestige. Massive animals, they weigh up to 550 pounds. Able to run as fast as 50 mph in short distances. Distinctive and social. The mane of the males are captivating.

The influence of lions can be found in a variety of architecture. Mascots, municipalities, and country currencies have donned their image, as well, either by name or physical depiction. No surprise… first names would also be inspired. The name Leonard deriving from their fearless quality.

Men… have been traditionally defined in part by their fearlessness. A quality that can reveal itself in varying ways.


To the fearless…
Good. Men.
Doing their best. Determined.
Willing to push beyond circumstance.
And blaze their own trail…

To the fearless…
Holding things together. Purposeful.
Wanting to be the one – others look up to.
Good. Men. Persisting in this sometimes-chaotic-existence
called life
Thank You

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