Lion Brave. Throughout history lions have become part of human culture – symbolizing strength, bravery and prestige. Massive animals, they weigh up to 550 pounds. Able to run as fast as 50 mph in short distances. Distinctive and social. The mane of the males are captivating.

The influence of lions can be found in a variety of architecture. Mascots, municipalities, and country currencies have donned their image, as well, either by name or physical depiction. No surprise… first names would also be inspired. The name Leonard deriving from their fearless quality.

Men… have been traditionally defined in part by their fearlessness. A quality that can reveal itself in varying ways.


To the fearless…
Good. Men.
Doing their best. Determined.
Willing to push beyond circumstance.
And blaze their own trail…

To the fearless…
Holding things together. Purposeful.
Wanting to be the one – others look up to.
Good. Men. Persisting in this sometimes-chaotic-existence
called life
Thank You


Refined and Well-Mannered. The origin of this name was descriptive of one exuding courtesy.

Courtesy… A term derived from a system of established, acceptable behavior as part of the King’s court. A method of maintained order. Intended for the high class and learned by those wanting to establish themselves in society. Soon, these methods expanded and evolved as a way to keep social stability. The concept of consideration and good manners became a civil priority across much of the world.

Still. Relevant. Behavior can either hold us back or help us succeed. Career moves, merit increases, promotions are all partially dependent upon it. Good actions can help establish meaningful relationships. Change the energy of a room. Become contagious. Even affect health.

The way we choose to behave reveals who we are. Like a window to our inner being. For example, genuine courtesy reveals warmth, unselfishness, and an awareness for others. This is why it’s often admired. It is considered an expression of character. A public, visual declaration of integrity.




Harvest Bound. The first recorded Teresa – began as Therasia. She was a wealthy woman who lived during the time of the late Roman Empire. Married to a distinguished aristocrat, they chose to serve in full-time Christian ministry. And dedicated most of their resources to philanthropy. It is believed they used part of their home as residence to travelers and the underprivileged.

Therasia was a devout servant to the community. Her acts of charity inspired a localized use of the name. Variations like Theresa, Thérèse, and Teresa began to emerge. And as others (reformers, writers, and saints) bearing the same name, became notable – their works influenced a more widespread use.

Mother Teresa was among those inspired. A missionary as a teenager – she spent much of her life aiding others. She was a voice for the underprivileged. Her sacrificial acts left a lasting impression among many across the globe. Reaping thousands of missionaries. Joined to the cause.
Compassion personified.


Root of Greatness. In the ancient world, a mighty tribe was among the most esteemed families of Rome. Their ancestral legacy excelled – becoming prominent diplomats, military commanders, and propraetors. Distinctly strong and powerful, they were considered part of aristocracy.

A distinction that has carried into the English language. Esteemed words like valiant, valor, evaluate, value and valedictorian – all stem from this same root of greatness. Including the name Valerie. Its use popularized from those martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Valerie  embodies     
strength   and
capability  • • •

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