Meaning:                   Torch; Light; Beacon

The woman who first inspired the widespread use of names like Helen, Elena (even Helena) came from humble beginnings. Within the Roman Empire, she worked in a tavern. Among soldiers. Met a general and together, they had a son.

At this point in history, the empire consisted of two regions – East and West. The government reformed its hierarchy, creating two emperors along with two subordinates. Helena’s general was selected as successor of the West, thus becoming one of the subordinate-rulers. He married the emperor’s daughter. And Helena… seemed to fade out of existence. …for a time.

Time moves on.
The reformed system is not working quite as planned. Helena’s son is part of the Roman tetrarchy. In the midst of wars and rivalries – he embraced Christianity. The government that brought persecution to the Christian community now had a problem. A renegade on the rise. Win – After – Win. He steadily moved up the ranks. Eventually, becoming the sole ruler of the Roman Empire.

His name…

At the height of his reign, he did not forget his mother. He honored her with the designated title of Augusta (Empress) and NOBILISSIMA FEMINA (Most Noble Woman). To him, she was a pillar. Essential to his success.

Behind The Great Ruler Stood a Great Mother

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