Discover the meaning of names like Margaret, Marguerite and Margot.

Meaning: Pearl; Set Apart; Wow

The first known Margaret lived under Roman rule in Asia Minor. Her mother died while she was young so a nurse took care of her – also teaching her the Christian way of life. During this time, the rise in Christianity astounded authorities as they tried to find ways to stop its progress. They devised a plan. Harsh persecution, requiring the conformity to Roman methods and rituals.

Despite opposition, consecrated herself to God. Her father tried to change her mind but nothing worked. In retaliation, he made her a servant where she worked in horrendous conditions. Still. Margaret kept her faith.

A local official saw her and learned of her situation. Some believe, he offered to marry her – if she turned from her faith. Margaret refused.

Outraged, he ordered to have her tortured. Beatings. Burns. Slashes. Nothing seemed to sway Margaret. She stayed confident. Firm. Relentless. Her body became a testament to the power backing her faith. Many, seeing the miraculous events unfold, began to convert. And the plan to weaken the Christian community failed… miserably.  …Wow.

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