Meaning:                   Rock

Alternative Words:   Steadfast; Resolute

Related Variations:  Petros; Pierre; Pedro

The first, most-prominent man named Peter was written in biblical testament. He was originally known as Simon but, when Jesus Christ chose him, to lead the early church, he was given an identifier – a name, characterized by its strength and stability.

He was drawn to wisdom. Loyal. Outspoken. Sometimes, too hasty. His ideas did not always align with the mission. He made mistakes. Yet, the process brought Peter to humility – and gave him an understanding that could penetrate the minds of multitudes. At his point of resolution, he strengthened the Christian community and extended its message beyond boundaries and ethnicity.

Peter became the very characteristic (the Rock) Jesus Christ had seen. Through this transparency, we are able to witness authenticity at its best. A man’s journey filled with highs and lows. A necessary part of development, leading to the fulfillment of his purpose.

Personalized Faith Ring
Your favorite Bible verse engraved in Sterling Silver

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