Hot Commodity. When the ancient Greeks encountered wine, it revolutionized their world. Although, they weren’t the first to create it – they certainly took its use to another level. Banquets were invented as a communal expression of fellowship. It was customary for attendees to gather in their respective circles over food and wine.

Moderation and a level of self-control was expected in the symposia. Thus, wine was often diluted in water. Many believe the Greeks were the first to study and perfect this mixing process. Trade activity expanded throughout the region. The commodity utilized as food, medicine and in water purification. Having great influence in nearly every aspect of society.

Overall, wine was part of their cultural identity. A valued resource. Able to connect people, inspire ingenuity, and create commerce. Enthused by the great impact made to their livelihood and existence – names were created. The origin of Denise, being among these devout-names. A tribute to this life-line.

Denise  personifies
Vitality   and

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Meaning:                   Torch; Light; Beacon

The woman who first inspired the widespread use of names like Helen, Elena (even Helena) came from humble beginnings. Within the Roman Empire, she worked in a tavern. Among soldiers. Met a general and together, they had a son.

At this point in history, the empire consisted of two regions – East and West. The government reformed its hierarchy, creating two emperors along with two subordinates. Helena’s general was selected as successor of the West, thus becoming one of the subordinate-rulers. He married the emperor’s daughter. And Helena… seemed to fade out of existence. …for a time.

Time moves on.
The reformed system is not working quite as planned. Helena’s son is part of the Roman tetrarchy. In the midst of wars and rivalries – he embraced Christianity. The government that brought persecution to the Christian community now had a problem. A renegade on the rise. Win – After – Win. He steadily moved up the ranks. Eventually, becoming the sole ruler of the Roman Empire.

His name…

At the height of his reign, he did not forget his mother. He honored her with the designated title of Augusta (Empress) and NOBILISSIMA FEMINA (Most Noble Woman). To him, she was a pillar. Essential to his success.

Behind The Great Ruler Stood a Great Mother

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Meaning:                   Pearl; Set Apart; Wow

The first known Margaret lived under Roman rule in Asia Minor. Her mother died while she was young so a nurse took care of her – also teaching her the Christian way of life. During this time, the rise in Christianity astounded authorities as they tried to find ways to stop its progress. They devised a plan. Harsh persecution, requiring the conformity to Roman methods and rituals.

Despite opposition, consecrated herself to God. Her father tried to change her mind but nothing worked. In retaliation, he made her a servant where she worked in horrendous conditions. Still. Margaret kept her faith.

A local official saw her and learned of her situation. Some believe, he offered to marry her – if she turned from her faith. Margaret refused.

Outraged, he ordered to have her tortured. Beatings. Burns. Slashes. Nothing seemed to sway Margaret. She stayed confident. Firm. Relentless. Her body became a testament to the power backing her faith. Many, seeing the miraculous events unfold, began to convert. And the plan to weaken the Christian community failed… miserably.  …Wow.


Meaning:  Rock; Steadfast; Resolute

The first, most-prominent man named Peter was written in biblical testament. He was originally known as Simon but, when Jesus Christ chose him, to lead the early church, he was given an identifier – a name, characterized by its strength and stability.

He was drawn to wisdom. Loyal. Outspoken. Sometimes, too hasty. His ideas did not always align with the mission. He made mistakes. Yet, the process brought Peter to humility – and gave him an understanding that could penetrate the minds of multitudes. At his point of resolution, he strengthened the Christian community and extended its message beyond boundaries and ethnicity.

Peter became the very characteristic (the Rock) Jesus Christ had seen. Through this transparency, we are able to witness authenticity at its best. A man’s journey filled with highs and lows. A necessary part of development, leading to the fulfillment of his purpose.

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