Month: April 2015


Hot Commodity. When the ancient Greeks encountered wine, it revolutionized their world. Although, they weren’t the first to create it – they certainly took its use to another level. Banquets were invented as a communal expression of fellowship. It was… Read More ›


Meaning:                   Torch; Light Alternative Words:   Beacon The woman who first inspired the widespread use of names like Helen, Elena (even Helena) came from humble beginnings. Within the Roman Empire, she worked… Read More ›


Meaning:                  Pearl Alternative Words:   Set Apart; Wow Related Variations:  Marjorie; Marguerite; Margot; Margareta The first known Margaret lived under Roman rule in Asia Minor. Her mother died while she was young so a nurse… Read More ›


Meaning:                   Rock Alternative Words:   Steadfast; Resolute Related Variations:  Petros; Pierre; Pedro The first, most-prominent man named Peter was written in biblical testament. He was originally known as Simon but, when… Read More ›