Meaning:                   Strong; Vigorous

Alternative Word:     Enduring

Related Variations:   Valentino; Valentinus; Vali

The tradition of Valentine was inspired by a saint who before being executed, wrote a note to a girl he’d prayed for, signing it – “from your Valentine.

He was believed to be a Roman Priest who would secretly marry couples, defying the order of the Emperor. This decree of banning young marriage was based on the assumption that single soldiers made the best fighters. Valentine was eventually caught and jailed.

Legend suggests while in prison he met and prayed for a girl whose eyes were destitute of sight. His compassion, and ultimately, her healing led to her father’s belief in Christianity.

St. Valentine was later sentenced to a 3-part execution. The patron of love became a Christian martyr.

LOVE is…





❥❥❥♥♥ Embrace those you love – cherish them – always and forever

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