Month: February 2015


Meaning:                   To Win; Conquer Alternative Word:     Victorious Related Variations:   Vince; Vincennes Victory comes through failure. The lessons learned in each disappointment bring us closer to our goal. When we view the letdown… Read More ›


Meaning:                     Laurels; Bay Laurel Alternative Word:      Victory; Success Related Variations:    Lori; Laurita; Loretta Laurel wreaths began with the ancient Greeks as a symbol of victory. It was made… Read More ›


Meaning:                   Strong; Vigorous Alternative Word:     Enduring Related Variations:   Valentino; Valentinus; Vali The tradition of Valentine was inspired by a saint who before being executed, wrote a note to… Read More ›


Meaning:                   He Laughs Alternative Phrase:  Life with Laughter Related Variations:  Issac; Ike Laughter brings with it many benefits. It reduces stress, soothes tension, improves our mood, lowers blood pressure, alleviates pain,… Read More ›


Meaning:   Place of Pleasure; Delight Alternative Phrase:       God’s Garden Related Variations:        Edyn; Edenia In the beginning… Our story began in the African continent. The great migration of mankind ventured from Africa to parts of… Read More ›